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El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos

A Charity for Families, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Determining the Need, Implementing the Solution

In this highly prosperous region of Mexico we have luxury hotels not five minutes from a lovely seaside village where a large percent of the townspeople live in abject poverty and children suffer from malnutrition and related ailments.

There are parents unable to send their children to school for lack of a few dollars, families of nine living in single rooms with leaking roofs, and sub-standard sanitation. We have under-supplied/under-staffed medical clinics, and ill-equipped emergency responders unable to do the jobs they are trained to do.

Through research and open communication our volunteers, determine needs that are not being met through normal bureaucratic channels, work with community leaders to identify solutions to meet those needs, then focus on the steps necessary to implement plans for solving the issues.

Please join us in supporting a beautiful, thriving seaside community struggling to maintain its autonomy in a world of encroaching mega-resorts.

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